The family that beatboxes together stays together.

This dad's beatboxing skills are insane ... but his daughter's might be better. Why am I not part of this family? I would probably have ridiculous beatboxing talents too! Instead I'm sitting here attempting to beatbox and coming to the realization that I can't. Actually I can't even whistle. Why?! It's just not fair.

After .001 seconds of the dad beatboxing I'm already thinking to myself "no way, there's no possible way the daughter is better than him", but then she starts making noises with her mouth and the beatboxing heavens open up. But, no, the battle doesn't end there. Beatboxing dad starts again and then things really get crazy! He's making noises I did know were humanly possible when all of a sudden he messes up and you can tell by the look on his daughters face that it's about to get real. And real it sure flipping does get! Remember when I said the beatboxing heavens opened up? Yeah well at this point in the video the beatboxing angels are weeping tears of pure joy because this girl is killing it. I don't even know if the magical sounds coming out of her mouth were beatboxing. She's doing this rap, beatbox, singing hybrid that put's her dad's beatboxing talents to shame. But, daddy-o is clearly so pumped for his talented daughter and doesn't even care that he had his beatboxing behind handed to him in this epic battle.

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