It is a "sweet tooth's'" dream, the Easter weekend. For some reason, at this time of year, there is a much larger selection of candy on the market and at times it can be difficult in deciding which is better than the other. However, like you, I too have my favorite Easter Candy.As a kid, and please no jokes here, I always looked forward to this time of year because I knew what was to come...CANDY!!! However, I often found myself disappointed when I would bite into a chocolate bunny and my teeth would go through the thin piece of chocolate. See, I love my chocolate, and when I didn't get a solid chocolate Easter Bunny, I was left being disappointed on Easter morning. I to this day still do not like the hollow bunnies. If I am going to sniff the aroma of fine chocolate out of the box on Easter Morning, I hope that once I sink my teeth into the ears of the bunny, they don't penetrate through and through. There is something darn special about a solid bunny, and YES I do hope I get one again this year.

Tonight on the show, we will discuss your favorite Easter Candy and find out a little bit more about you. You know, like the candy you hope NOT to get this weekend. While eating too much candy can be bad for you and your teeth, is it ok if we indulge just once???