Back in 1992 I was 11. Justin Bieber wasn't born yet. What we know as "blogging" today was found deep in the irrelevant pages of your daily newspaper and known as "columns." 1992 was also the year that Brett Favre started in a football game for the Green Bay Packers that would be the beginning of one of the greatest streaks in sports history.

Today, Jeff Anderson, a spokesman for the Vikings announced to the public via Twitter that the 41 year old Favre was inactive for tonight's game against the New York Giants.

"Vikings Inactives -- 12, 19, 25, 31, 76, 90, 91...and 4. The streak ends..."


"A tough guy with a little luck on his side" is what some might say to describe Favre who has started this year despite elbow tendinitis, a broken foot, 10 stiches in his chin, back pain, neck pain, calf pain and even an off-field "sexting" scandal. Some even said the Metrodome roof collapsing, which pushed the Vikings vs. Giants game back a day was a sign from the football gods that Brett would play. Even though it forced the game to move to Ford Field it wasn't enough time for Favre to get healthy from his sprained SC joint injury; an injury that is very rare in sports. Doctors say the injury occurs most when a person's body hits the steering wheel in a car accident.

The injury will always be known in sports history as the one that ended the consecutive-game streak and possibly the career of Brett Favre. 297 consecutive games (321 if you count the post-season) with 3 teams over 19 seasons. Hats off to Brett Favre. A living legend who definitely has a reserved spot in the NFL Hall of Fame.

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