If you cooked your gumbo before the 'first frost,' don't let Nonk Chauz find out.

According to Nonk Chauz and his Gumbo Confiscation Proclamation Association for the Prevention of Gumbo Global Warming Retention, no one in South Louisiana should cook a gumbo until we see the first frost on the ground.

There are no records of these 'rules' online (or anywhere for that matter) so I would have to believe that somewhere along the long line of Cajun tradition, someone made this Cajun 'law' as a guideline to indicate the start of gumbo season.

Of course, some people fire up their first gumbo at the first break in temps—usually around mid-October, but others are just as staunch as Nonk Chauz when it comes to waiting for the first frost to cook their gumbo.

Do you follow Nonk's rule, or is there another guideline that you follow before you start your roux?

Let us know! And in the meantime, watch this hilarious video to see what happens to those who get caught cooking their gumbo before the 'first frost.'

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