Several months ago, the Acadiana community witnessed the "end of an era" as Jim Hummel and Marcelle Fontenot, beloved longtime anchors, delivered their final evening news broadcast on KATC-TV 3. Known for their dynamic presence and deep connection with viewers, the pair became a staple in many households, faithfully delivering the day's most vital stories at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm.

Their departure stirred up a wide range of emotional reactions, sparking questions and concerns about their future. Fans, viewers, and followers alike wondered if Jim and Marcelle would continue their broadcasting careers in the Lafayette area or perhaps take the opportunity to explore new avenues outside of broadcasting.

After a brief period marked by speculation and lots of unconfirmed rumors, the community received welcome news: Jim Hummel and Marcelle Fontenot were not only staying in Lafayette but would also continue to work together as a team, bringing their broadcast talents and chemistry to KADN News 15.

On Sunday, December 31, nearly three months following their poignant goodbye on KATC-TV 3, the duo gave us a first look as they returned to a familiar place—the news desk.

In a new teaser, they announced their eagerly anticipated comeback show, scheduled to air on Tuesday, January 2, 2023, on KADN News 15. Although the backdrop has changed, the familiar and comforting dynamic between Marcelle and Jim remains the same.

Adding to the excitement, an exclusive interview with Marcelle and Jim is on the horizon. Tracy Wirtz of our KPEL News team will sit down with the iconic duo in the coming days for a conversation that you don't want to miss.

As they embark on this new chapter and continue their careers right here in Lafayette, we extend our heartfelt wishes for success and continued impact to Jim Hummel and Marcelle Fontenot as they continue their journey—together.

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