The world's first ever 'Model Y' police vehicle has arrived in New York and many online have strong opinions concerning the unit. While some think that this is another example of a police department unnecessarily overspending, some argue that the Tesla unit could actually save taxpayer dollars.

You can check out a video of the police unit and the full story on it below @TeslaNY

According to the article from Tesmanian, it's the first 'Model Y' Tesla that has been bought and fully equipped by a police department in the entire world.

Now before I could even watch the video of the Tesla Police Unit, I saw people on Twitter absolutely livid with the vehicle. Moreover, they were upset with the excess spending the electric, high end police unit implies. Check out some reactions below

Interestingly enough, the video circulating online was initially posted to Facebook by the Hastings on Hudson Police Department. Check out their post below

As I looked into the comments on the police department's Facebook post, I saw some users arguing that the Tesla was actually a smart use of tax dollars. Check out the discussion below

Comments Tesla Police

While many on Twitter are seeing this as a bad use of taxpayer money, those in the community are viewing this as a step forward for the Police Department in their area.

I'm not sure if this is a step forward in technology and this department just trying to keep up with the times, or if it's just straight up unnecessary.

Either way, people have had strong opinions on this futuristic-feeling police unit. Meanwhile, Elon Musk meniaclly laughs in the shadows of his Super-Villain (or Super-Hero?) lair.

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