Fivio Foreign is causing a commotion on social media by wearing the viral MSCHF Big Red Boots in a new TikTok video.

On Wednesday night (Feb. 8), Fivio Foreign shared a video on TikTok of him and some friends jamming out to YN Jay's "Perc and Sex." In the video, the former XXL Freshman is wearing a black leather jacket, black pants and MSCHF's Big Red Boot that have been seen all over the internet. Reactions to Fivi rocking the eye-popping footwear have been harsh.

"I knew fivio was gonna be the one to wear those ugly ass boots smhhh," one person tweeted after seeing the video.

"What kills me about celebrities is that if something gets enough hype on social media, you’ll see them wearing it, ugly or not," someone else posted. "Why the fuck is Brooklyn nigga Fivio Foreign in them Pacman/Astroboy/Boots The Monkey ass boots? No matter how you dress it, ITS UGLY. Rih can’t save it."

"How stupid Fivio looks in that video with that hat and boots. Makes the song sound corny too," another person wrote.

MSCHF's Big Red Boot has been making waves online. The bulky red boots have been compared to the footwear worn by comic book and film character Astro Boy.

"The Big Red boot is a realization of a specific sort of cartoonish abstraction of a shoe," MSCHF cofounder Daniel Greenberg recently told Highsnobiety. "In cartoon world, representation works with reduced information to immediately imply an object, rather literally depict it. The Big Red Boot works on a similar principle, where it is an absurd, simplified form that conveys the idea of 'BOOT' without worrying too much about the particulars of realism."

MSCHF are also the creators of Lil Nas X's "Satan Shoes," which got the brand in hot water with Nike.

The Big Red Boots are not currently for sale yet, but are on the MSCHF website here. They'll sell for $350 when they become available on Feb. 16.

See Fivio Foreign Wearing MSCHF's Viral Big Red Boots and Reactions Below

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