The real estate market is sizzling these days. People with homes to sell are having no trouble finding interested buyers. In many cases, people are getting well above the market price for the homes they put on the market too.

Of course, the downside to that is if you sell your current home, you're going to have to purchase a new home to live in. And, yes, chances are that the new property will reflect the "seller's market pricing" as well.

Kostiantyn li via
Kostiantyn li via

As you might imagine with the real estate market moving the way it is those who are trying to sell properties are pulling out all of the stops to get people to notice. One such listing in Panama City Beach Florida caught our eyes. Sure, the property on Quail Street has a lot to offer. It features three bedrooms, two baths, and as you can see in this tweet from Zillow Gone Wild, some rather unique extras.

Wait, What?

The listing features a balding ex-husband with culinary skills, two children, and a stuffed white tiger. As you might imagine the listing created more questions than it offered answers.

One commenter on Twitter even asked if this was a legitimate attempt to sell real estate or more of a "sideways attempt" to avoid alimony. Regardless, the property was on the market for the low low price of $699.000. We are assuming that the price must have been a bit on the inflated side because we did just learn that the home did sell for quite a bit less.

How much less?

According to a story on the Quail Street domicile in Panama City Beach went for $380,000. That's about $320,000 under the posted price. So, someone either got an incredible deal or the seller decided that maybe the ex-husband, children, and stuffed white tiger weren't needed by the new owners of the property.

It just goes to show you in the world of real estate besides location, location, location, you've got to get people's attention, attention, and attention before they'll even consider the property you're trying to sell. Although I can't see an ex-husband as being a perk of the property even if he can cook.

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