A Florida couple, Jeremie Calo and Tiffani Lynn Bargainer both 32, were apprehended on Monday by police after allegedly having sex on top of an outdoor table at an Orange County restaurant, the Smoking Gun reports.The couple was asked to stop, but they refused to listen to management at the restaurant "Paddy Murphy's."

The 911 call has been released, and as you can hear in the phone call, Mr. Calo appears to be very intoxicated and combative. The restaurant manager, Tom Murphy, says he approached the young couple after customers with children complained, but Calo said that his partner could not get up at the moment.

Then, after the couple was asked to leave, Mr. Calo refused to pay their $101 tab, and that is when police were called-in. Still, after all of this, many of the eyewitnesses in the restaurant refused to press charges and the couple was free to go.

WKMG-TV reports that Calo does face charges for disturbing the peace and for not willing to pay his tab at the establishment.

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