Because in Florida, you don't just find snakes, you find 16-foot 300lb pythons on your property.

Hardee County, Florida man Aaron Brown tells WFLA he was driving on his family's property when something caught his eye. That something was a snake...a snake was big enough to get his attention while he was driving.

Initially Brown says he knew it was a big snake, but was shocked as he and his cousin, William “Bobby” Wilkinson began pulling it out of a pipe it had slithered into.

Brown tells WFLA he initially called his mom to come help catch the snake, but she wasn't having any of that.

Smart lady.

After Aaron Brown and his cousin William Wilkinson shot the snake they began pulling it out of the pipe and began to realize exactly what they were dealing with.

Florida Python
Screen Cap Via WFLA

"We started pulling him out of the culvert and it just kept getting bigger and bigger and I was like, my God look at this thing. This is one huge snake” Brown told WFLA.

That it was. A huge Burmese Python.

The official length and weight came in at "16 feet and four inches long, and weighed 300 pounds" according

Burmese Pythons have increasingly become a problem across Florida the past few years.

It is illegal to own and breed these snakes in Florida.

One reason authorities say Burmese Pythons have become an issue in the state are hurricanes. Hurricanes land in Florida and the snakes get out either to find food because they get left behind when a family evacuates, or because of the storms damage homes and knock over snake cages.



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