This escalated quickly.

NBC News is reporting that a Florida police sergeant has been charged with battery and assault after he was seen attacking a fellow officer.

The attack happened last year, but now Christopher Pullease has also been charged with evidence tampering and assaulting a civilian during the incident.

As you will see in the video below, a female officer approached Pullease while a suspect was detained, and that is when he attacked her.

The police sergeant, who was relieved of his supervisory duties in January, grabbed the female officer by the throat and pushed her into another police unit.

In his hand appears to be pepper spray, which he does not seem to deploy during this attack on the officer.

Pullease has been on administrative leave since this incident happened in 2021, and his future employment with the department has yet to be determined.

NBC News reports, "If convicted, Pullease faces five years in prison on the felony battery charge and five years for evidence tampering. He faces one year for the assault on an officer charge and 60 days for assault on a civilian."


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