One Florida teacher is schooling parents when it comes to the proper etiquette of virtual learning.

Edith Pride did not mince words while using a local school board meeting to send a PSA to parents reminding them that "from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., we can see you." She says teachers have "seen it all" from parents who have done everything from making silly faces to smoking while helping their child to smoking while on camera (both legal and illegal substances).

Please do not appear with big joints in your hands and cigarettes. The joint be as big as a cigar.... Please do not have that in your hand and in your mouth.

Apparently drugs aren't the only bad behavior from parents as Pride addressed the moms and dads who walk around in their underwear, reminding them to make sure that they have on "proper clothing" and keep the profanity (or cussing, as she simplified it) to a minimum.

Virtual learning is something that students, teachers, and parents are adjusting to from coast to coast in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. While the Trump administration issued suggested guidelines, state and local officials have been tasked with outlining their own guidelines and decision-making when it comes to rolling out their own virtual learning protocol.

Clearly they should have had this teacher in the room. It's never too late!

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