When I was younger and in school, homework was the bain of my existence. I hated homework so much that I refused to bring it home. No, I didn't turn a derelict eye toward my assignments, I did my homework at school during recess.

My reasoning was simple if I had a question the people who could answer it were at school and if I arrived at my house with no assignments I could go out and play. By the way "go out and play" is what we used to do before computers and the Internet.

Parents and students in Louisiana who are looking to maintain their mathematics skills and earn high school credit over the summer can take a page out of my playbook for free. A company called K-12 Stride is offering virtual math classes for Louisiana students over the summer.

Scott Graham via Unsplash.com

The good news is it's only four hours a day and the sessions last for only 20 days. The better news is the courses, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry can apply as credit toward their high school transcripts. The best news, these 20 days, four-hour sessions, are free for students in Louisiana.

Annie Spratt via Unsplash.com

You can sign up now at K12.com. The first session is slated to begin June 23rd and there will be a second session that begins on July 7th. The fact that the instruction is done online means that even more students in the state will have access to the classes.

Educators tell us that math skills are among the first to erode when students take their long summer breaks. So, if you're wanting your child to move to or stay at the head of the class, this just might be the option you've been looking for.

Who knows, your young student might just have the next big idea and this advancement in their math skills could only help.

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