All week leading into Valentine's Day, we here at Hot 107-9 have asked for you to nominate someone you know and/or love to be one of the three recipients for our Annual Valentine's Day Giveaway. After receiving hundreds of e-mails we narrowed the selection down to three...And we delivered!!! Thanks to our friends over at Les Amis Florist and Spa Mizan, three lucky ladies here in Acadiana had a GREAT Valentine's Day.




Chris Reed, Candice, and Brad Striker drove to three different communities in Acadiana on Valentine's Day to deliver roses and a gift card to the spa. While all of the nominations were deserving, three lucky ladies were greeted with roses and more on Valentine's Day.

Our first stop came in Abbeville. Krisiti, the recipient, was nominated by a friend who informed us of Krisit's recent loss. Her finance was recently killed in a car accident and Kristi's friend did not want her to go without on Valentine's Day. Thus, we showed up in Abbeville unannounced and Krisiti was left smiling as we ventured towards our next stop.

After leaving Abbeville, the Hot Crew headed towards Youngsville. There were able to deliver roses and the gift card to Miss Denise Perry. Miss Perry's daughter, Andrea, nominated her mom because this was going to be the first Valentine's Day her mom doesn't have her father by her side. Miss Denise's husband recently passed away and Andrea did not want to see her mom go without roses on Valentine's Day. We should note, Andrea's parents had spent Valentine's Day with each over for over 30 years.

Lastly, we made an emotional stop in St. Martinville. Christine Tallery nominate a close friend of her's for the giveaway because her friend, Camille, is a single mom raising three kids. If that is not enough, one of Camille's kids has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the challenges have really been adding up for Camille and her kids.

All in all, this was such a great day to be in radio. This is why so many of us do what we do each and every day. There is just something about putting smiles on people's face and allowing them to know that there are people out there who care. We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.