Former LSU Tiger Star Tyann Mathieu has reportedly entered a drug rehab facility in Texas. His father says his son will not play football until he is confident his rehab is complete.The Honey Badger's father says that Tyrann been at the Right Step recovery center in Houston since Monday and is being counseled by former NBA player John Lucas. CBSsports reports that the former Heisman finalist from LSU is being treated for a marijuana addiction.




LSU Coach Les Miles has declared that Mathieu will not play for the Tigers in 2012 due to violating team/school policy, but has not said whether there was a chance he could return to the team in 2013. Early this week, many speculated that Mathieu could sit out this season at LSU and attempt to return in 2013.

On his personal twitter account, the "Honey Badger" had this to say:


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