The days of "texting and driving" may soon one day be a thing of the past!!! Ford Motor Company is installing a feature in its new vehicles -- and many of its older ones -- that can read text messages out loud. The purpose behind this latest upgrade is to limit the amount of "texting and driving" by those in Ford vehicles, and it is all part of of their latest voice-activated technology, Sync.

Using a Bluetooth connection, it syncs with phones and alerts users when they receive text messages, reads them out loud and allows users to respond with a selection of standard pre-written messages without taking their hands off the wheel.

In a recent study, it was found that texting while driving increased the risk of a truck getting into an accident by more than 23 times. There are already several apps such as DriveSafe.Iy and SMS Replier that have been designed to help curb texting and driving, but only Ford and BMW have integrated the feature into vehicles themselves.

So far BlackBerry phones are the most notable devices compatible with the technology required. Some Android phones also support the technology. iPhones do not.

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