Last week rumors circulated that Forever 21 in the Acadiana Mall had closed down.

Many listeners reached out to ask us if there was any confirmation that the store closed their doors, some even sending photos of the gates closed in the middle of the day. This struck us odd being that most stores don't opt to close during the busiest shopping holiday of the year, so we reached out to our friends at the Acadiana Mall for some clarity.

Despite rumors that they hadn't "paid their electric bill" or were "going out of business," a representative with Acadiana Mall management confirmed that Forever 21 actually had a power issue that prevented them from opening their electronically powered gate.

As a matter of fact, the rep also confirmed to us that Forever 21 had recently signed a new lease for 2020 which tells us that they don't have plans of closing anytime soon.

So enjoy shopping at Forever 21 and all of the great stores in the Acadiana Mall this holiday season.

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