The big man wanted the "rock".

Former UL Ragin Cajun football player Robert Hunt, who now plays for the Miami Dolphins, is the talk of the sports world after his efforts on Thursday Night Football.

Just as the Dolphins were about to score the quarterback for Miami was under pressure and threw the ball away.

Well, Hunt, who plays on the offensive line, was in the vicinity of the ball and he caught it. Unfortunately for Hunt, offensive linemen are ineligible receivers, thus they can't catch the ball and advance it.

That rule didn't stop Hunt from advancing the ball and his effort to score has caught the attention of the sports world.

The 6'6" 327 pound Robert Hunt ran with the ball he caught towards the endzone and as two Baltimore defenders approached he leaped and stretched for the endzone.

Had the catch been legal, he would have scored, but his efforts did not go unnoticed.


Twitter via FOX
Twitter via FOX

Several players throughout the league applauded the former Ragin Cajun for his efforts and you just wish that this could have counted.

Still, what a moment for Hunt and what great athletism for such a huge man!!  

Here are just a few responses that I came across while scrolling through Twitter after this amazing effort.

UPDATE: Since the effort of Hunt has gone viral, check out what showed up on the elevator doors at the Dolphins' headquarters. Pretty cool to see the organization recognize the effort and will to win.

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