I like to think we live in the best country this world has to offer, but then I see videos like this that make me question the people of the United States. A young boy was freezing on the streets of New York for two hours before anyone stopped to see about him. 

Two brothers had their younger brother stand out on the streets of New York, while freezing, and they claim not one single person offered to help him for the first two hours he was out there.

Then, the unthinkable happened, a homeless guy approached the kid and offered him his jacket. Of all the people to pass by this kid, while he was out there shivering, it took a man that probably has nothing to his name to see about this kid.

I certainly hope this video is fake and that this kid did NOT stand out on the streets of a huge American city for two hours while freezing.

I should note, it does look like this video was edited or chopped, but again, the message is still strong.


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