Will this video save Katt Williams from all his recent scrutiny?

You couldn't go onto any media source yesterday without seeing the fight between a young teen and Kat Williams. It was the top trending topic for the day.

The only thing about the video being shared thousands of times was you only saw a piece of what happened. It starts off where Katt Williams is staring down a kid—who is allegedly a seventh grader—and all of a sudden the comedian punches the kid. A second video shows the two wrestling and eventually the kid puts Williams into a chokehold and the brawl is over.

Well, the whole video has now surfaced and it shows a whole different story. Let me say this first, Katt Williams in no way should have hit a teenager. That part is bad, but this teen handled his own, and you can see in the video that Katt is in the community and playing with kids.


The teen that was involved in the fight with Katt Williams has now shared his side of the story. His name is Luke Walsh, and he is 17-years-old. He takes wrestling at his school, which explains how he was able to take down Katt with ease.

In an interview with Daily Mail explains his side of the story. Video Below.

Best advice for Katt Williams is to remove yourself from that type of situation as best you can. What this video also shows you is how the media can twist and turn things to benefit them.


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