Serious question: What is wrong with Katt Williams?

The latest fiasco in a bizarre string of recent events has Katt Williams appearing to punch a teenager, triggering a brawl that made it's way to the internet in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

For all we know this could be (and we hope it is) Katt filming a scene for a movie, but let's be real—it's not likely, especially given his track record as of late.

The video opens up with Katt staring down a kid—who is allegedly a seventh grader—and all of a sudden the comedian punches the kid. A second video shows the two wrestling and eventually the kid puts Williams into a chokehold and the brawl is over.

A seventh grader.

Just a few weeks ago Williams was beat down on stage at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia. Before starting the fight, Williams was back at it again with the odd behavior, doing push ups prior to instigating the brawl where he was eventually pummeled.

He later explained the fight in a follow-up video that was just as weird as the fight itself, but seriously—what in the hell is wrong with Katt Williams???

This has definitely been entertaining to say the least, but things have almost gotten to a point where we are actually worried about his safety.

We hope Katt can get some help soon.

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