G Herbo was taught a few important life lessons growing up in Chicago. A survivor of the school of hard knocks, the “By Any Means” rapper learned things like how to take care of himself and his loved ones and also mastered the art of whipping up a proper struggle plate in the Windy City. “I do think I make some of the best noodles,” proclaims Herbo, who paired his favorite chicken-flavored ramen noodles with a side of Totino's Pizza Rolls and Doritos Spicy Nacho chips for XXL’s Struggle Plates. “My whip game is definitely proper.”

Although the 24-year-old rapper behind bangers like “Swervo” and “Don’t Worry” has grown accustomed to eating good over the course of his almost 10-year career, he hasn’t lost any love for one of his favorite three-course meals from back in the day. Always on his grind, G Herbo, who recently recently released his PTSD album, admits that he still enjoys his childhood favorite foods even though he can afford fancy steak dinners these days. According to the MC, his struggle plate comes in handy when he’s out on the road. “I’ll go to a gas station when I’m out of town and literally go find pizza rolls to warm up in my hotel,” says the freestyle champ. “I still do this to this day.”

Time is of the essence for G Herbo, especially when preparing his struggle plate. The rap star is very particular about how long each item cooks and measures, which is evident by the water in his ramen so that he gets the perfect amount. “You have to be real precise,” he shares. “There’s a science to it.”

Watch G Herbo make his struggle plate consisting of pizza rolls, ramen noodles and Doritos in the video below.

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