He went there.

Garth Brooks is still on his stadium tour and it recently stopped in at Notre Dame Stadium.

Leading up to his concert there, many were asking if he would perform his hit song, "Callin' Baton Rouge" knowing the coaching situation surrounding the football program.

If you're unaware, LSU's new football coach Brian Kelly left Notre Dame to take over the football program at LSU, thus there is some animosity between the Irish fans and the LSU Tiger fans.

Well, fast forward to Garth performing in Notre Dame  just weeks after breaking an outdoor stadium record at LSU and yes Garth DID perform "Callin' Baton Rouge."

Sure, not everyone in attendance may have been Irish fans, but some were and I can't imagine how they felt about this below performance.

As a matter of fact, some Irish fans were pleading with the singer to NOT perform the song that references where their former coach now resides.

Turn up your speakers and you be the judge, did they enjoy this as much as the folks in Baton Rouge?

Now, here's Garth performing the same hit song at LSU, and yes it was then when the seismograph registered a small earthquake on campus.


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