Someone will have some explaining to do.

A large shark that was gutted ended up in the rafters of a Florida high school, and now authorities are reviewing security footage to identify those responsible for this disgusting prank.

Students told a local news station, News4JAX, that it was all part of a senior prank. And yes, the school's mascot where the shark was hoisted up is a shark.

Many who attend Ponte Vedra High, near Jacksonville, were shocked when they saw the shark just hanging there.

It was ultimately lowered and removed from the campus, but the investigation is just underway.

Those who are responsible for doing this as part of a prank could face a number of legal issues after they are identified by local police and wildlife and fisheries.

We said this on-air a few days back, it is the time of year when students do a number of pranks on campus but is it really worth it?

Look, we hope all have fun wrapping up another school year, but this is going too far and sadly some are going to get in trouble for this poor decision.

Here are more photos of the shark while suspended from the rafters at the Florida school.

As you may expect, some advocacy groups are now calling for legal action on those responsible for doing this act on campus.


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