A gas station in Texas had a computer glitch and customers were NOT complaining. The reason many of it's customers weren't complaining is because they were getting away with gas for just $1.01 PER GALLON!! Yes, we have not seen gas prices like this in decades, yet customers at a gas station in Pasadena, Texas got the break of a lifetime!!!The error at the Conoco gas station went unnoticed for quiet sometime, and may have gone unnoticed for longer had folks not bragged about the deal of the week. The employees at the station say that they became aware of the situation due to "word on the street."


"When I got here I ended up filling up my truck, my wife's car, my dad's truck, and his other truck. I ended up filling four cars up for just like 54 dollars,' an unidentified customer told ABC. Between 11:30pm and 1am two of the station's four pumps had dropped the price to exactly $1.01 per gallon. The average price per gallon now in the United States is $4.

I can only imagine if this happened here in Lafayette or in any other part of Acadiana what the end result may be. I think in the day & age we are in, there would have been five lines wrapped around that particular gas station. You think the line to get into Chick-Fill-A on Ambassador Caffery is bad at noon, imagine seeing the line at a gas station that has gas going for $1 per gallon!!!


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