So as guys most of us worry about what girls think, how should we act, what should we wear, should I do that on the second date, etc.  Well fellas let's ask a women what goes through her mind.Thanks to coedmagazine, a few women shared a couple of facts that I'll sum up.  Get a pen a paper, I'm about to help us improve our game with the ladies!

Question #1: Should we grow facial hair?

There is a difference of opinion here, because not all of us are badass.........myself included. Most women prefer their men to be well groomed, so if you can't keep that mop on the face in line........then feel free to give it the boot! Most women prefer the 'Tom Cruise' jaw line, so just do like me and go for the 2 day five o'clock shadow, then shave, and repeat.

Question #2: If I brought 'Protection' to the second date, will that turn her off?

OBVIOUSLY!!!!! I have never met a woman at dinner on the second date that said, "You didn't forget the raincoat did you?"  If you are ready to get frisky and things DO get a little hotter later on then yes be prepared, but keep it classy and hide it in the glove compartment or deep inside your jacket. Also here is a fun fact, during the make out session on the couch, don't pull the fun package out unless she is 100% clear that it is going to happen.  When it does, don't be like "I HAVE ONE!" Bust out those amazing acting skills and be some what surprised when you 'find one.'

Question #3: I want to have fun with my friends, but If I bring her around  do I have any chance of still getting any?

If you are just looking for that one night stand, then mostly likely yes.  Alcohol can do wonders when everybody is wasted, but still don't use those cheesy pickup lines like, "You must be tired, because you have been running across my mind all day"........I could care less how many shots you had before you said it(BIG NO NO!).  If she brings her friends with her and they are all down to party and get wild, then your probably in for a good night.  If you really do like this girl, do yourself and her a favor and do not bring her around your s**t faced buddies.  Acting the donkey and getting drunk with your friends is the quickest way for her NOT to return your phone calls!

Ok guys, the weekend is here...........good luck and I hope you find your soul mate!!!!