We all knew Get Out was one of the best success stories of the year, but did you know it is actually, as of now, THE most successful movie to open in 2017? Jordan Peele’s sharp study of modern racism disguised as a horror flick is the most profitable movie of the year, with a return on investment of 630 percent.

The Wrap reports that Get Out’s $4.5 million budget, plus a $30 million marketing campaign and worldwide gross of $252 million means it’s earned back more than 600 percent of its initial cost, a staggering amount given that the movie pretty much has social media buzz and word of mouth to thank for its great run in theaters.

What’s also interesting is that the second most profitable movie of the year, M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, which has a 610 percent ROI on a global take of $277 million (from a $9 million budget), came from the same production company as Get Out. Jason Blum’s Blumhouse is making a name for itself as a boutique horror production company that takes savvy risks with low budgets and low advertising costs, that end up paying off in huge ways.

The highest-grossing film of the year, Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, has a much lower ROI than either Split or Get Out. It made $1.26 billion worldwide but also had a $160 million budget and an extensive, expensive global ad campaign, giving it a return on investment of around 400 percent.

Blumhouse’s next film, a slasher take on Groundhog Day titled Happy Death Day, is coming out October 13, so keep an eye out.

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