CajuNerd Media has done it again.

This time, Ash Reece and his crew tackled a parody of the popular G.I. Joe cartoons with G.I. "Breaux."

In the G.I. Breaux parody, we see "Double Un" (Snake Eyes) and his podnuh head to downtown Lafayette after working a hard shift on the boat. They are headed to check out 'Rock N Bowl'—the new hopping place where a "young Blue Rolfes" was slated to be performing the classic KLFY theme song "Hello Acadiana."

As ridiculous as this all sounds on paper, the locals who are old enough to remember this iconic theme song will love the overdub. Horace Trahan also provides the soundtrack to keep the Rock N Bowl dancefloor moving.

Ash tells me that we can expect more episodes of G.I. Breaux, but fans should be patient as he and his team tackle in house production for local dance and performing arts studios, an independent wrestling TV product, more original projects, as well as the overdubs that fans have enjoyed since they exploded onto the local parody scene with the Tundaminous (Thundercats) cartoons.

Until then, you can check out all their content here on the official CajuNerd Media Facebook page.

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