He came up with one of the best prom-posal idea's ever and she had no idea it was for her.

Have you ever had an idea that sounded great in your head, but everyone else around you didn't get it. This is sorta like that.

So, Daniel picked up his friend that is a girl and they were headed to school for the day. Little did she know that Daniel had put out signs the day before that read out: "Will... You.. Marry... Me... then J.K(just kidding)". Then the next sign reads out, "Go To Prom With Me"

Daniel waited for her answer when she said, "That's a s***y way to ask someone!"

She had no idea it was for her. I'm not going to ruin the end so watch the video above to find out.

Question: How creative do you get when you asked someone to the prom? Comment below.