A viral TikTok shows a man's significant other arrive to the gym in the middle of a workout and look over his shoulder while he was on his phone. After the woman spent fifteen minutes looking over her man's shoulder, the man apparently ran out after her and hasn't returned to the gym in months.

Whatever she saw on his phone apparently ended a seven year relationship.


When a trainer at one gym spotted a young woman looking over the shoulder of a man while he lazily sat on some workout equipment, he began video taping the encounter. The caption of his now viral TikTok says that the woman snuck in and began watching his activity on his phone.


The TikTok has amassed more than 10 million views across social media platforms since being posted. As the man's phone activity was unknowingly watched over his shoulder, the woman inched in closer to get a really good look at what was happening.


Someone else working out nearby must've locked eyes with the woman at one point, as she seemingly gives them a "shhh" sign to not alert the man of what was happening.


As the entire gym took notice of what was happening, the woman eventually left. Apparently, people in the gym alerted the man that his phone activity was being watched for the previous fifteen minutes. He took off running after her out of the gym and seemingly hasn't returned since.

Viral TikTok of Woman Spying Over Her Man's Shoulder While He is on the Phone



See the full TikTok via @campaignkjg_5 below.

After the video began going viral on TikTok, apparently the woman who was featured in the video cleared the air as to how this relationship shaped out.

The above Twitter user seems to have found a comment from this very woman who says that she confronted the man about whatever she saw and ended their seven year relationship. "Ladies, know your worth and know when to leave", she says in her comment.

TikTok via @campaignkjg_5
TikTok via @campaignkjg_5

Do you think that the woman was onto the man already? Had he been acting fishy recently and she got the proof she had been looking for? Or is this a clingy girlfriend who was overstepping a boundary by sneaking around and spying on her man? Either way, this woman seems to have found something she didn't like while looking over her man's shoulder.

Many on Twitter are reacting to the video and you can see that below.

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