Are you ready to go back in time? We are about to take you back to when Wayne Toups was on his way to becoming the most famous Cajun and Zydeco artist of all time.

We are about to transport you back in time when Wayne was rocking those loud shorts and the sweatband on his head. He looked so young then. You are about to watch the video below where Wayne Toups was featured on a special on MTV.

In the video, Wayne explains why he wanted to play the accordion and what he wanted his fans to take away from his music. Little did he know then that he would become the most famous Cajun and Zydeco musician of all time.

Russ Conrad
Russ Conrad

Fast forward, Wayne just celebrated his birthday in October where he turned 63 years old. In his over a four-decade career, Wayne has some of the most iconic Louisiana music songs ever.

The video below features some of his classic songs like his version of Sugar Bee, Going back to Mamou, Zydecajun Train, Johnny Can't Dance, Two-Step Mamou, Let's Fall In Love All Over Again, and more.

So let's go back in time and see Wayne back in the day.

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