The days are long in these current times. We're working from home and trying to entertain (and educate) two young kids the best we can. Today my wife, our kids and I ventured out to pick up lunch at Edgar Martin Middle School. It was our first time. It was also the first time we've been out of the neighborhood in more than a week, so there was a lot riding on this.

Like many other families, we were hesitant. We thought that because we have a pantry full of food, we didn't want to take a meal from someone who needed it. That is the wrong way to think about it. These workers want to feed kids and provide some level of normalcy to them at the same time.

What we experienced was nothing short of amazing. There was only one car ahead of us and a smiling face was waiting when we pulled up. We told her "two please!" and were asked to wait while two fresh bags were packed. They were handed over with a sweet "see you tomorrow, we're having chicken!". No questions asked and we were on our way.

The car windows were rolled down, so the kids got to see the whole thing up close and personal. One person handing out lunches and the other keeping count. At the time we went that number was at 429. I was shocked. I guess I thought they may get a trickle of cars around lunchtime, but I never guessed more than 400.

The workers were so selfless and gave the kids a piping hot slice of normalcy disguised as a pepperoni pizza. LPSS leaders have said they would reassess these grab-and-go lunch sites every weekend and make an announcement for the next week. At this point, one school board member says the cafeteria workers are willing and the food supply chain is in-tact.

Kudos to the district for pulling this off. This dad was pretty impressed.

-Rob Kirkpatrick

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Here is the list of pick-up sites that are open this week.

The operating hours are 10:30am-1:00pm.

  • Alice Boucher Elementary School 400 Patterson Street in Lafayette
  • Carencro Middle School 4301 North University Avenue in Carencro
  • Charles Burke Elementary School 2845 Ridge Road in Duson
  • Corporal Michael Middlebrook Elementary School  1801 Kaliste Saloom  Road in Lafayette
  • Duson Elementary School  301 4th Street in Duson
  • Edgar Marn Middle School  401 Broadmoor Blvd. in Lafayette
  • J.W. Faulk Elementary School  711 East Willow Street in Lafayette
  • Scott Middle School  116 Marie Street in Scott
  • Lafayette Middle School  1301 West University Avenue in Lafayette
  • Live Oak Elementary School  3020 North University Avenue in Lafayette
  • Paul Breaux Middle School  1400 S Orange St in Lafayette
  • S.J. Montgomery Elementary School  600 Foreman Drive in Lafayette
  • Youngsville Middle School  600 Church Street in Youngsville

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