In the wake of a historic political advertisement by a Senate candidate in Louisiana, Governor Edwards has made his feelings known about Gary Chambers smoking marijuana on a campaign commercial. Now, many are pointing to a past Facebook post in which Edwards seemingly encourages alcohol consumption as some call out his alleged hypocrisy.

Facebook via Governor John Bel Edwards
Facebook via Governor John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Senate candidate Gary Chambers made history by being the first person to openly smoke marijuana in a campaign advertisement. The commercial gained tons of local and national media attention.

Gary Chambers, Twitter
Gary Chambers, Twitter

The campaign ad, entitled '37 seconds', features Chambers smoking a blunt while listing reasons for the legalization of marijuana. We reported on the campaign ad previously as the commercial spread across the internet.

Louisiana Senate Candidate Gary Chamber's Marijuana Campaign Ad

Check out the commercial for yourself from @GaryChambersJr on Twitter here.

Louisiana Governor Edwards on Gary Chambers Marijuana Campaign Ad

Many voters have weighed in on Chambers' campaign ad, but the latest opinion on the matter came from Louisiana's Governor John Bel Edwards. According to one report, Governor Edwards does not believe that Chambers should be rewarded for actually smoking marijuana in a commercial.

Check out that report from @LaRadioNetwork via Twitter below.

In the interview, Edwards is quoted in saying, "The imagery of actually smoking marijuana on an internet ad, just not something that I think people should reward him for".

Governor Edwards reportedly went on to say that while he has signed legislation to decriminalize marijuana in some instances and has also supported medical marijuana, he does not support the legalization of recreational marijuana. Medical cannabis in flower form became available for patients at the beginning of 2022.

Cannabis Clubs Boom In Barcelona
David Ramos/Getty Images

In light of Governor Edwards' recent statements on Chambers' campaign ad, some on social media have pointed out a 2021 Facebook post from the Louisiana Governor where he encourages vaccinations with the state's 'Shot for a Shot' program. The program offered a free alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to citizens who got the COVID-19 vaccine.

See the Twitter post from @falgoust below.

Governor Edwards can be seen in the post holding a glass of bourbon, as it was National Bourbon Day.

See the Facebook post referred to above from Governor Edwards here.

While Governor Edwards does encourage folks to enjoy the National Bourbon Day responsibly, more and more on social media began pointing out what some have called hypocrisy.

See those reactions from Twitter below.

The facts are that alcohol is legal in the state of Louisiana (if it needed to be stated) and marijuana is currently only legal for medical patients. Of course, the Governor cannot support illegal activities no matter the context. But, there are clearly many online who have a point to make regarding Edwards seemingly encouraging alcohol consumption while condemning Chambers' campaign ad featuring him smoking marijuana.

Is marijuana safer than alcohol?

The Marijuana Policy Project website lists the ways in which marijuana is safer than alcohol. The organization cites the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in pointing out that while many people die from alcohol consumption, no one dies from overdosing on marijuana.

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The article also goes on to cite studies that show the health related costs associated with alcohol use far outweigh that of marijuana use. There are a plethora of other examples with studies cited that lay out ways in which marijuana consumption is far safer than alcohol consumption.

Gary Chambers Receives National Attention For Ad Smoking Marijuana

Since releasing his commercial, Senate candidate Gary Chambers has gained attention from media outlets far beyond the state of Louisiana.

It's safe to say that Gary Chambers' campaign advertisement has struck a chord with many across the nation. As the candidates journey towards the election continues, we will be sure to monitor his moves as well as the reactions of Louisiana's Governor Edwards.

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