By now you know that the Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has implemented a mandate that requires citizens in Louisiana to wear a mask while out in public during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to that, Gov. Edwards has forced the closure of all bars and nightclubs in Louisiana during Phase 2 of the pandemic.

Recently, his mandates went before the courts as they were challenged by some business owners and today we learned that the courts favor and support the governor's decision and mandates.

Thus, we here in Louisiana are still required to a mask while out in public and bars will remain closed while in Phase 2 of the pandemic.

It was announced earlier this week that Louisiana would remain in Phase 2 until early September. Not until then would it be determined if the state moves forward to the next phase.

With the rulings out, the governor has now responded to the court's decision and you can read what Gov. Edwards had to say via Twitter.

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