Ladies, gentlemen, and candy-lovers from all over, let us inform you that they are indeed soft and squishy!  We don't know if they come in different colors, but would you choose red, purple, green, yellow, blue, or orange?

If your wondering if doctors ACTUALLY put your childhood candy in medical practice think again, because it is just a title.  Until now, doctors really didn't know how to explain to their patients about how their new 'tools' would feel.  Grant Stevens, who was a plastic surgeon on the implant trials, took the liberty of branding his own 'special name' for the surgical enhancements.

I got tired of explaining to patients that they're sort of like Jell-O" via MSN.

So I guess soft, squishy, but not liquidy is a good enough description right?  According to MSN, the FDA has no problem with

the marketing of a firmer, shape-retaining silicone breast implant in round and teardrop shapes."

Do you want to know a little bit more about 'Gummy Bear Boobs?'  Apparently a lot of women are really into this new craze!


This wasn't just something that popped up...researchers, doctors, and developers, have actually been working on this project since 2008.

I wonder though, if you were thinking about getting 'enhanced' and they actually used gummy bears.....would you be against getting a pair?

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