The 2021 Sonic Christmas Parade is inviting all veterans to take part in this year's event. It will roll on December 5th with floats, marching bands, dance teams, Santa, and lots of throws. Again this year the parade will be honoring the veterans of our United States Armed Forces. The parade will roll out at 1pm.

This parade signals the “official” arrival of Santa to Acadiana, and families will be coming from all over the state to enjoy the event. Since Lafayette does not have a Veteran’s Day parade, the turnout for this event gives us an exceptional opportunity to pay tribute to our veterans.

How much does it cost for a veteran to enter the parade? $0. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Ce n'est rien.

The only thing a veteran has to do is show up, and we’ll put ‘em in the lineup.

Image courtesy of Louisiana Jeepers

Again this year, Sonic has asked the Louisiana Jeepers to play host to the veterans. Jeep’s history with our veterans runs long and deep, so the partnership with the Louisiana Jeepers for this event is a natural fit.

The Louisiana Jeepers has a strong membership and an army of Jeeps, so they will be able to carry dozens of veterans for the parade.

Again, the cost to any veteran who wants to be in the parade is nothing; all veterans ride for free.

If you are an able-bodied veteran and want to relive Basic Training, you can choose to march with us! The route is only 2.3 miles so, with or without a rucksack, it’ll be like a walk in the park compared to PT.

Any veteran who would like to participate in the parade should show up Downtown at noon. Organizers will be on Vine Street (which is a one-block street between 3rd and Jefferson), and they will pair you with a Jeep to ride in or, if you are walking the route, will direct you to the staging area.

Image courtesy of Louisiana Jeepers

What should you wear to participate in the parade? You are encouraged to wear your uniform (my BDU blouse still fits, but when I put on the trousers I look like Steve Erkel!), colors, or a shirt or hat designating your branch.

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If you are not a veteran, we're hoping that you bring your family to line the parade route to welcome Santa and to pay tribute to our veterans! The Sonic Christmas Parade will roll on Sunday, December 5th at 1pm from Downtown on Jefferson Street to Johnston Street, then St. Mary Boulevard to Heymann Boulevard. The parade will end in the parking lot across the street from Champagne's Grocery.

Please encourage any veteran you know to take part so that he or she can see how much their service is appreciated.

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