So while Chris Reed and I went to Bayou Country Superfest this weekend and enjoyed the entire show, there was one particular point that I believe EVERYONE enjoyed!  If you attended the concert in Baton Rouge this weekend and remember the scene in the stands of Tiger Stadium while Michael Jackson was playing, you probably know exactly what I am talking about.I always knew sitting a couple of levels up at a concert was a good idea, and after a couple of are always bound to see something 'interesting.' Take a look at the moves from the guy who will forever be remembered as "The Michael Jackson of Tiger Stadium."

UPDATE: It turns out that "The Michael Jackson of Tiger Stadium" has a name. Timmy Fisher posted on our Facebook page shortly after we put up the video of him dancing, thanking us for recognizing his slick moves. Timmy, you're the man dude.


timmy fisher

Guy Dancing To Michael Jackson At Bayou Country Superfest

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