This guy (or girl) is crazy. Or ‘cray’ as they say. We hate to sound like the worried parents, but honestly… what’s the point of this? To be a YouTube phenomenon? We can’t even see their face. Motorcycles are often vehicles for the presumptuous, obnoxious and sometimes overweight — Harleys tend to tie in with the latter. However, this person takes it to a whole new level.

Congratulations dude, you’re a YouTube celebrity who can’t get famous because no one knows you. Our guess is that this guy — let’s just assume it’s a guy — gets off on breaking the rules, cheating death, screwing with police, and mostly thinking back to his high school days where everything was just awesome.

Have you ever been driving down the highway and up comes a motorcycle speeding past you? Normally the initial verbiage is something not necessarily allowed here, but you get the point. Now imagine them passing you while rocking a wheelie, which he does. Oh boy. Cue the temper tantrum.

Cool man — you can drive fast.

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