If there was ever an example of 'not all heroes wear capes,' this would be it.

In the midst of me losing my absolute mind at the Saints-Texans Monday Night Football game, my buddy Paul Kieu shot me a message. He was on a flight back to New Orleans from Denver, and much like the atmosphere in the dome, things were just as wired on Southwest Flight 1579.

A plane full of Who Dats were locked into a nail-biter as their plane was descending upon the Big Easy. Thankfully, Southwest Airlines offers free Live TV and one passenger was kind enough to share his iPad with Saints fans who were anxiously awaiting the outcome of a shootout between New Orleans and Houston.

Just as things were hitting a fever pitch the signal started to fade. You see, Southwest offers free Live TV but the signal isn't the best when you get close to the back of the plane. So what does this absolute hero do when the video began stuttering just as the Saints were driving to win?

This incredible human being totally walks up a few rows and kneels in the aisle of the plane while holding his iPad in the air at full volume for the Saints fans to witness one of the greatest comeback drives in Saints history.

Just another reason why Saints fans are the best fans. Wherever you are, kneeling iPad guy, you are an absolute legend.

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