Halloween time means trick-or-treating for the kids. If you're a parent, here is the candy you should be stealing from them.


One of the best premium chocolate snacks of all-time. Whether full bar or miniature, these treats are definitely worth swiping from your kids. The last thing you want is their grubby hands getting full of chocolate while attempting to pull these apart. Chocolatey hands only lead to time out, so in theory, you're actually doing them a favor.


Another premium treat, the holiday edition of this classic comes in those foil wrappers, so they are easy to locate amongst the other candies and it also doesn't seem so bad when you literally eat 20 of them in a row. Out of sight, out of mind, right?


Whether they are bundled up in two-packs, or simply in singles, you can't pass on these sweet treats. Sometimes they are a little hard to chew and could be a total disaster when it comes to the precious teeth of your little ones. Once again, you're saving them from themselves.


These three are all in the same category of yumminess, so keep your eyes peeled and fire away on sight. Equal points for any and all of this trio.


I definitely prefer the peanut M&Ms, but any variety is considered a win. Another plus is the holiday packaging makes it easy to snack on them without devouring a whole day's worth of calories in a normal sized bag.


Hershey's chocolate is some of the best in the game and the mini bars are always top notch. Special Dark is an acquired taste, so it should be extra easy to snag those from children—if that's your thing. Almonds for the win.


Another deluxe candy is the gooey waferness known as Twix. You should have no remorse when yanking these chocolate bars right out of your child's stash. Worse case scenario, you should be splitting it with them, explaining the whole duality concept behind the Twix brand.


Here's another candy where there will be some variety, but in the end, you must secure all of the Skittles. Whether big bags or small, you must secure them all.


This one may be hard to come by, but nevertheless, Junior Mints are always a keeper. You got mint. You got chocolate. It's a match made in candy heaven and your kids will just have to understand that life isn't always fair.


These are probably the easiest to spot in the candy mix given their yellow wrapper, but you should also be on the lookout for these special Halloween skull edition Butterfinger candies to really level up to your full Halloween potential.


Strawberry or Grape. It doesn't really matter. Nerds usually come in the mini Halloween boxes that are easy to toss back in one serving. Just shake the bowl and you should hear their signature rattle. Just tell your kids the small pebble-like shape is a choking hazard and you are just keeping them safe. Yeah, that's it. Safe.

Speaking of safe, have a very safe Halloween and remember to always give as much as you taketh away! If we missed any essential candy, please let us know in the comments and have a Happy Halloween!

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