The Halloween decorations are going up and many are going all out this year.

A few days ago we showed you a house in New Iberia that has many turning their heads, well now there's a house in St. Martinville that has many looking away.

Someone recently posted a photo of a figure/prop in the window of a house in St. Martinville and now many are saying that it caught their attention too while driving past it.

As you can see below, this scary figure is seen just standing in the window of the house, which is reportedly located near an intersection with a traffic signal light.


Apparently, this figure in the window is distracting enough that those driving past it say that they nearly ran through the intersection while looking at it.

Now, to add to the dramatics here, someone in the comments section on the original post says that night the window is lit up and the image is even more distracting at night.

If you see this during the day or even at night, please keep all eyes on the road and don't let this creepy figure distract you.

You have to love Halloween. Or not.


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