Let me start off by saying this, we know sharks live in water.

Check out this video from Crab Island in Destin, FL. In the video, you can see a few huge hammerhead sharks swimming past a pontoon boat.

I share this video to remind you that there is always a threat while on or in the water. Yes, the ocean/water is a shark's natural habitat, but many of us still love to enter their habitat from time-to-time.

So, with all of that said, just always be aware of your surroundings while in the water and respect that you're not in your own habitat. As some often suggest on social media, we're in their "home."

Call me a nerd, but I always admire seeing dolphins, sharks, stingrays, or other wildlife in the ocean. I admire how they can own the water and make navigating through it look so easy.

Just a heads-up, they're out there so if you are going to Crab Island this summer to relax and have some fun in the sun, keep your eyes open for a few other visitors to the area. They too may want to join your party.


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