It seemed like everyone I talked to over the weekend had a Bocephus sighting story. Yep, apparently, Hank Williams, Jr. spent a few days in Cajun country, but that's nothing new.

From what I've seen on social media, it appeared that Hank Jr. stayed at Bayou Cabins in Breaux Bridge. A buddy of mine told me he and owner Rocky Sonnier are good friends.

This is not the first time he's stayed there either. According to Bayou Cabins' website, they have hosted the singing icon before.

We have proudly hosted celebrities including Merle Haggard, Mike Rowe, Hank Williams Jr., and Hunter Hayes, and we've also been featured on Dirty Jobs, in several National Geographic Publications and a list of other Travel guides too long to keep track of!

And here's a little visual proof of Bocephus at Bayou Cabins.

Hank also did a bit of eating out during his stay. One friend said his son's buddy waited on the Country Music Hall of Famer at Prejean's for lunch on Saturday.

The night before, I had some friends that spotted him at Pat's Fisherman's Wharf in Henderson. They said the rumblings around the restaurant was that Hank wanted to sort of be left alone while he ate.

However, it appeared from the picture below that he had no problem saying hi to at least two people at the restaurant.

I remember seeing Hank Jr. in concert at Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder a few years ago and I just knew he spent some time here, just by the towns and landmarks he was referencing. He mentioned towns like New Iberia and places such as Lake Martin and the Atchafalaya Basin in St. Martin Parish.

Bocephus, thanks for hanging out in Cajun country. We hope you enjoyed your stay.

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