It is August. It is supposed to be hot. But, we're also supposed to have electricity and air conditioning to make it bearable. I am sure those sentiments have been articulated a lot more plainly across Southwest Louisiana over the past week than I can even begin to imagine. The excessive heat certainly isn't making the cleanup and recovery from Hurricane Laura any easier. A lot of people have suffered heat related illnesses.

Much of the nation is in the grips of a fairly significant heat wave. In Southwest Louisiana forecasters have lowered the threshold for a heat advisory for the storm affected areas because so many people are still without power. But, quite frankly, the difference between 101 degrees and 105 degrees is still pretty miserable.

Along most of the I-10 corridor from Lake Charles to Lafayette to Baton Rouge, New Orleans and beyond the afternoon temperatures will climb into the low to mid 90 degree range. That coupled with the humidity will give a "feels like" temperature of from 100 to 110 degrees depending what part of the state you are in.

Afternoon rain chances are minimal to marginal across the southern part of the state. They will be even more scarce tomorrow and probably Monday too for Labor Day. Oh, and that cold front that we mentioned earlier this week? Looks like we could be about seven to ten degrees cooler for next Friday. Okay, that's still a high of 85 but that's not 105, right?


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