It appears that Lafayette residents hoping for some relief from the scorching summer temperatures are in for quite the disappointment.

KLFY Meteorologist Trevor Sonnier unveiled a distressing 7-day forecast for Lafayette on Facebook, a post that quickly went viral with over 1400 shares. “This forecast is the hottest seven-day forecast I've done in my career,” the meteorologist noted. For the first time ever, he included an all-time record temperature in his forecast, indicating that the sweltering heat Lafayette has been experiencing might just break the historical record.

According to his prediction, Thursday might challenge or even surpass the city’s hottest-ever recorded temperature of 107 degrees. “Most model guidance is even above my forecast now,” he expressed. He drew attention to the GFS model that predicts a jaw-dropping 114 degrees for Thursday, and more alarmingly, the typically reliable European model which projects 108 degrees.

For some historical context, KATC Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo shared that Lafayette had already broken an August record. “105° today in LFT shattering the all-time high temp for any August of 104° set on August 30, 2000!” he said, emphasizing the rarity of such sweltering heat.

Lafayette residents have been voicing their disbelief and concern on social media. Tamara Nicole lamented the stark contrast from her memories, remarking, “This isn't the summer of my childhood. We would play outside all day and people got by with window fans.” Another local, Gerald Durio, shared his struggles with the hard ground due to the heat, saying, “I dig holes for a living and omg the ground is like concrete!”

Kam Greene expressed concerns over the possibility of a harsh hurricane season, while Natalie Broussard Romero summed up the sentiments of many, exclaiming, “Unbelievable!!!”

With the National Blend of Models also projecting a peak of 107 degrees, it’s clear that Lafayette is witnessing a historic period of heat. Residents of Lafayette and surrounding areas in southern Louisiana are strongly urged to heed all heat advisories and take precautions to ensure their safety during this extreme weather period.

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