In Louisiana we love to get our drink on.

But the question is, what parish in Louisiana loves to drink just a little bit more than the others?

The web site Only In Your State   looked at statistics from and  and used the percent of adults who admit to binge drinking and the number of bars per capita for each parish. Here’s our rankings of the drunkest parishes in Louisiana.

Surprisingly Orleans parish came in #8 with 20% of the residents report binge drinking with an average of 12.58 bars per capita, and Lafayette Parish came in higher  at #5 with 22% of residents report binge drinking with an average of 6.81 bars per capita.

The only thing that surprised us was that Evangeline Parish didn't make the list at all, or maybe it came in at #11. Just saying.

To see what parish came in #1 and the rest of the list CLICK HERE.   

What parish should make the list? Comment below.

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