Playing sports is always fun whether its baseball, basketball, or even golf. The one thing that my coaches always stressed to the team was that we needed to show good sportsmanship whether we won or loss(And a good right hook). If the other player tripped her on purpose then maybe I can understand a slap here and there, but this wasn't a normal 'cat fight' if I can call it that.

Lewisville High School senior Annette McCullough, 18, went to the ground after getting tangled with an unnamed Chester High player and, somewhere between hitting the grass and standing back up, went batsh*t insane."

After taking a look at the video a couple of times, it doesn't SEEM like anyone got tangled or 'tripped up,' but I could be wrong.  Take a look at the video for yourself and see if you can find out why the Lewisville Senior snapped!

If this happened during a soccer game, I would hate to see her play football!  What's the worst display of sportsmanship you have seen here in Acadiana?