Its times like these are when I am thankful that Tik Tok exists and that people chronicle their life for the world to see.

This TikTok user found herself in quite the predicament inside her house...involving a trapped chipmunk.

From start to finish, this video is chaos in the BEST way. Her commentary made me cackle all the way through, as she attempts to talk to the chipmunk that is stuck between her window and screen.

She apologizes for him being stuck but pleads for the animal to escape on the path she has designated for the exit route. She asks the chipmunk not to do anything crazy or bite her because she is only there to help.

As with every rescue story, there is a surprise ending. I don't think anyone saw this coming though. She gets the chipmunk out from behind the window but as soon as she opens the window just enough...her dog comes out of nowhere to grab the animal and runs away. The twist ending no one suspected.

It did not completely end in catastrophe though. We do have an update after the original video ended, uploaded to her TikTok page shortly after. The chipmunk survived the entire ordeal, including being captured by the dog.

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