A Vancouver pee wee hockey coach has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for tripping two players, both kids, during a postgame handshake.

Martin Tremblay can be seen sticking out his leg during the postgame handshake fand tripping two players, ages 10 & 13-years-old. The unsportsmanlike move was caught on video and it quickly became a viral hit on the Internet.

Tremblay pleaded guilty to one count of assault in November. The presiding judge over this case said that although he did not have an evaluation of the coach on hand, he suspects that his action stem from some sort of anger-management issue.

This is NOT the first time we see a story like this. Heck, we recently had a similar story to this from right here in Lafayette when allegations were thrown around that a local pee wee football coach instructed his players to take a "cheap shot" on opposing players. In any case, it saddens me that we often see the KIDS being better "sports" than some parents or coaches. Like the judge said in this case, "Its just a game." Yet, I think some parents/coaches have failed to get that memo in recent years.

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