As Hurricane Isaac approaches the Louisiana gulf coast, more and more Louisiana residents from the southern parishes of the state are evacuating to the northern most parishes of the state. With that, there are not many vacant hotel rooms left in Acadiana.According to various sources and our own recent search for rooms, we can confirm that there are not many vacant rooms left in Lafayette. The only room we found vacant in Lafayette was at the Buchanan Lofts in Downtown Lafayette. All other hotels appear to be booked solid for Tues. - Thurs.

As for the surrounding areas of Lafayette we found rooms still available at the  Old Castillo Bed & Breakfast in St. Martinville and at the La Quinta Inn over in Crowley.

If you know of anyone still looking for a room as they evacuate from the New Orleans area or other parts of Louisiana, please share this bit of information with them ASAP. Rooms are going fast, and there simply aren't many options still out there.

We would also like to remind you that if you have friends or family evacuating in the days or hours ahead, please offer up any room you may have for them. Often family and friends do not want to be a burden, but your reassurance may be the difference in someone staying in the path of the storm or evacuating from it's path.

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